I have helped different individuals; students, architects and sustainability advocates towards a
better career in sustainability and environmental sector to help make the world a better place.

I work with all kinds of people including the below:

Young Visionaries (15 to 20 years)

It is never too early to get some advise on your life’s career direction. I love would to chat with you to see how your interests would align with the world of sustainability as you are the future that will inherit this world.

University Students (Undergrad, post grad, masters and PhD)

Regardless of your major, there are ways you can switch your major, or field of studies to help contribute to the global sustainability field

Graduate Consultant (0 to 5 years’ experience after graduation)

Being fresh and young you would have many great and raw ideas. Let me help you refine your thinking and help you achieve results and success in your chosen career path.

Mid-Career Professional (10+ years’ experience)

Even with many years of experience you may feel there is something missing. Let me work with you to help you find that next explosive phase of your work to make a bigger in the world.

Career Switchers

Are you thinking of switching over to the sustainability field but not sure where to start? Our chats and discussion will allow me to counsel you on the best move you should make regardless of your current profession to break into your new career.

Please fill out the form below and let me know more about you and lets take our first step together: